Steps Forward Internship Program = giving back to our community

Steps Forward Internship Program = giving back to our community

Posted by Ben V on Nov 1st 2017

Our first goal is to reach at least 100 weekly deliveries.

The Beehive Basket exists for 2 reasons: to bring our customers high quality, local, artisan products right to their door, and to create a way to give back to our community. But, what does that mean?

Getting a solid start on a career path can be difficult for at-risk youth. Often the skills to survive on the street don't match the social skills needed to get, maintain, and flourish in a career.

Whether our interns come from homeless backgrounds or other at-risk groups, it can be hard to acquire skills to find and maintain employment. We look to help them bridge this gap through a paid internship program where they can learn business social skills, personal budgeting, and other real-world skills that will help them become self-sustaining throughout their lives.

By simply getting your favorite goods from your favorite local artisans you can help make this internship program get off to a great start! 

We want to hit 100 weekly deliveries by January 1st, 2018!

Browse our growing number of local vendors and order your favorite goods right to your door, tell friends, neighbors and family and help us make this a reality! We'll keep you posted as we drive to 100 and bringing on our first internship opportunity!!

Steps Forward is in partnership with the Equal Harmony Project

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