Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy

Happy customers make us happy! Should you receive your order and something is wrong please contact us immediately so we can fix it. If a product is damaged or missing we will quickly replace it. If a replacement is not available, you will be refunded.

Here is also where we ask for common sense. We will deliver your order in the time frame promised. Some of our product may need refrigeration. We will deliver these goods in an insulated pack, but they will need refrigeration in a prompt manner. If you're sipping margaritas on the beach in Bali, please don't order ice cream for delivery while you are away making us jealous from the beach. While we hope your beach adventure is fun and relaxing, we can't be responsible for delivered orders that aren't promptly collected at the point of delivery.

If you have dogs or bears or lions, please understand we like our couriers and can't ask them to risk being eaten by a bear to bring you your order. Please also provide us instructions for where to leave your delivery in a secure location. We will happily deliver to your place of employment if it is within the delivery boundaries.

Please Contact Us with your order number when possible. Reach out to us with any questions. And yes, your pet Rhino falls under the same delivery guidelines as lions and bears.


We are working on solutions to ship products worldwide. We know you will love us to the moon and back, but we can't deliver there. Currently our deliveries are restricted to areas shown on our map. As we grow we will add more delivery areas. If you would like to be updated when we expand our shipping options just drop us a note on our Contact Us page with the address you are eager for us to deliver to and we will notify you when we can.

Again, if you work in the delivery area, we are happy to bring you the goods to your work. We, however, cannot be responsible if the office food thief, er "borrower,"  helps him/herself to the goods. :) 

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